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Top Picks Of 2024, Safest Cars In this article, we’ll discuss the top five safest cars in the world. We’ll delve into their top safety features and pricing. In today’s world, road accidents claim numerous lives daily, often attributed to either driver error or vehicle defects. Consequently, prospective car buyers prioritize aesthetics, pricing, specifications, and safety features, crucial for preserving human life in unforeseen circumstances. Globally, including in India, several cars are renowned for their safety standards. Today, we’ll highlight five such vehicles considered among the safest. Let’s explore.

Tesla Model 3

The remarkable features of this car are truly astonishing. When it comes to crash tests, it outperforms all other vehicles. Even in collisions with larger vehicles resulting in overturning, it can reorient itself to its original position. Its airbags deploy at double the speed during accidents, providing comprehensive coverage from all angles.

One of its standout features is the cabin camera, which not only alerts you audibly but also keeps you informed about the surrounding traffic conditions. Additionally, the ‘Tesla Model 3’ boasts a low center of gravity, facilitating swift maneuverability for quick directional changes.

Today, the ‘Tesla Model 3’ is globally renowned for its exceptional safety measures. The price of this car is approximately USD 80,000.

Genesis G80

Now, regardless of the extent of damage caused to the car during an accident, it ensures the safety of its passengers down to every strand of hair. This is why the ‘Genesis G80’, which has garnered a full five-star safety rating, secures a spot on our top list. Surpassing competitors such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes in safety, this car boasts numerous advanced safety features including smart cruise control, blind spot detection, and automatic emergency braking.

Earning the second position in this esteemed safety ranking, the ‘Genesis G80 has demonstrated superior performance compared to its counterparts. Evaluating the ‘Genesis G80 on criteria such as aesthetics, performance, and safety, it undoubtedly deserves a perfect five out of five rating. The price of this car is approximately $60,000 – USD 75,000.

Mercedes Benz E Class

Whether it’s day or night, the ‘Mercedes-Benz E-Class ensures comprehensive safety at all times. This car excels even in the most adverse weather conditions, living up to the renowned reliability of Mercedes vehicles. In addition to its exceptional quality, the technology integrated into the ‘Mercedes-Benz E-Class sets it apart from the competition.

Notably, it has received a high rating for its child seat buckle, further underlining its commitment to safety. With an overall safety rating in the five-star category, purchasing such a car requires little hesitation. The price of this car ranges approximately from $90,000 to $115,000.

Audi A6

Whether it’s a human being, an animal, or any other object on the road, the ‘Audi A6 boasts advanced capabilities that can prevent accidents through its automatic braking system. Audi cars are renowned for their luxury appeal, and the inclusion of cutting-edge safety technology further solidifies the ‘Audi A6 as a top choice among consumers, earning it a spot among the best cars on the market.

In addition to its appealing interior, the striking exterior design has also contributed to the vehicle’s strong reputation in the market. The manufacturers have equipped this car with various safety features including anti-lock brakes, airbags, and nitrogen assistant technology. Audi enthusiasts can confidently bring this car home without hesitation. The price of this car ranges approximately from $80,000 to $90,000.

Volvo S60

Volvo cars are renowned for prioritizing exceptional safety and security over the aesthetic appeal, making the ‘Volvo S60 a modest-looking yet highly reliable vehicle. Its robust safety features prove invaluable in times of crisis, ensuring the well-being of both drivers and passengers alike.

Equipped with airbags positioned throughout the car, the ‘Volvo S60 features an intelligent seat belt reminder system that tightens automatically during accidents, enhancing safety measures. Moreover, the car provides various alerts to the driver, serving as a valuable asset on the road. The ‘Volvo S60’ has garnered widespread acclaim for its safety features, earning praise from all quarters. The price of this car is approximately $60,000.

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