China’s First SuperCar Hyper SSR

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China’s First SuperCar Hyper SSR The Chinese manufacturer has debuted its inaugural hypercar, a sleek two-door coupe bearing the Hyper brand, initially a part of the GAC Aion series but now established as an independent marque emphasizing its focus on the high-end market. Dubbed the Hyper SSR, denoting “Super, Sport, Race,” it will be offered in three trim levels. Boasting a fusion of elegant aesthetics and formidable performance, the car features a carbon fiber exterior to minimize weight. With a claimed zero-to-hundred acceleration time of 1.9 seconds, it surpasses the speed of contemporary hypercars.

Design Of Hyper SSR

Certainly! You’re describing a cutting-edge two-door electric coupe featuring sleek, aerodynamic design elements such as gull-wing doors, L-shaped headlights, and a sporty bumper with large air intakes. The vehicle boasts carbon-fiber brakes for superior performance and aerodynamics that generate 100 kg of downforce. Aion emphasizes environmental sustainability by avoiding animal products and incorporating 3D-printed materials, recycled yarn, and biodegradable vegan leather. It offers advanced features like two-zone climate control, eight speakers, and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). The Hyper SSR’s design is the result of a collaborative effort between GAC’s headquarters in Guangzhou and its base in Los Angeles.

Interior Of Hyper SSR

Certainly! The Hyper SSR features two electronically adjustable seats that are heated and ventilated for comfort. Its center console houses a spacious 14.6-inch touchscreen interface. For the driver’s convenience, the vehicle is equipped with a compact blocky steering wheel accompanied by an 8.88-inch LCD instrument cluster. The interior boasts ample leather upholstery to enhance comfort, including sports seats suitable for both everyday and high-performance driving. Combining leather and Alcantara materials, the cabin exudes a premium ambiance, complemented by carbon fiber accents and a yoke-style steering wheel design.

Engine and power Of Hyper SSR

The Hyper SSR features an advanced all-wheel-drive system delivering a formidable combined power output of 900 kW (1,224 hp) and torque of 1,230 Nm. While slightly less powerful than the Zeekr 001 FR by 23 hp, the SSR boasts a more compact size, measuring 4556/1988/1230 mm with a wheelbase of 2650 mm. Its top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph (249 km/h). Equipped with a 75 kWh ternary (NMC) battery pack, the SSR offers an impressive range of 314 miles (505 km) on a single charge, as per the CLTC cycle. GAC asserts a rapid acceleration capability, with the SSR capable of reaching 0-62 mph in just 1.9 seconds.

Price and Availability of Hyper SSR

The Hyper SSR offers three distinct trim levels to cater to different preferences and performance needs. The entry-level model, priced at 1,286,000 yuan (approximately $176,400 USD), provides an excellent starting point for enthusiasts. Stepping up to the Hyper SSR Speed Version, available for 1,386,000 yuan (around $190,100 USD), offers enhanced performance and features. At the top end, the Hyper SSR Ultimate Track Version, with a price tag of 1,686,000 yuan (approximately $231,200 USD), delivers the pinnacle of performance and luxury. While still in the conceptual stages, the combination of advanced features and striking design elements suggests the Hyper SSR could become a highly sought-after hypercar in the future.

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