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This Robot Is Similar Alike Humans, New Robot Figure 01 In the dynamic landscape of evolving technology, a burgeoning controversy is on the horizon surrounding humanoid robotics. Presently, numerous prominent entities within the tech sphere are investing resources into the development of human-like robots. Notably, OpenAI, renowned for creating ChatGPT, features prominently within this cohort.

Joining the fray is semiconductor powerhouse Nvidia, which garnered significant attention recently for surpassing Jeff Bezos and Google-Amazon, titans of the tech industry, in valuation and influence.

As per a Bloomberg report, numerous tech behemoths have made substantial investments in Figure AI, a startup specializing in humanoid robotics. Among them are industry titans such as Amazon, Nvidia, and Microsoft, representing some of the largest companies globally. Notably, this startup has already secured backing from OpenAI, alongside support from a consortium of various investors who have injected funds into the venture.

In the latest funding round, Figure AI has secured an investment totaling approximately $675 million, resulting in a substantial increase in the company’s valuation to roughly $2 billion. Notably, Jeff Bezos has committed $100 million to Figure AI through his firm, Explore Investments LLC. Simultaneously, Microsoft has placed a $95 million wager on Figure AI. Additionally, a fund affiliated with Nvidia and Amazon has jointly invested $50 million each in the venture.

Figure AI, a company dedicated to advancing humanoid robotics, has garnered an initial investment of $5 million from OpenAI. Initially, OpenAI endeavored to acquire Figure AI outright, but when this effort proved unsuccessful, the company opted to inject $5 million into the venture instead.

Furthermore, Figure AI enjoys backing from a diverse array of investors, including Intel’s venture capital arm, LG Innotek, Samsung’s Investment Group, Parkway Venture Capital, Align Ventures, ARK Venture Fund, Alia Capital Partners, and Tamarac, among others.

Over the past eighteen months, the tech industry, particularly the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), has been under intense scrutiny. OpenAI’s widely recognized product, ChatGPT, has significantly altered the landscape in this domain. Presently, major players ranging from Google to Facebook, and from Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, are deeply entrenched in AI development efforts.

Each industry heavyweight is fervently pursuing advancements in AI, determined not to lag in what has become a fiercely competitive AI race. Figure AI represents a new frontier in this ongoing pursuit of Artificial Intelligence, introducing fresh dimensions to the evolving landscape. Finally, the collaboration with Open AI is showing some fruitful results.

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