The Most Beautiful AI Women Influencer In The World, Aitana Lopez

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The Most Beautiful AI Women Influencer In The World, Aitana Lopez If you have fallen in love with someone after seeing pictures online, then check once again. A Spanish company has developed an AI Model, which looks exactly like a fairy and is an extremely beautiful Human-Like AI Model. It has been named Aitana Lopez.

In an interview with Euronews, Ruben Cruz, the designer behind Aetana and founder of The Clueless, elucidated the motivations and circumstances leading to its development. Cruz disclosed that the company was navigating challenging periods marked by project cancellations, prompting them to innovate and create Aetana Lopez, Spain’s pioneering AI model, to adapt to the evolving landscape of technological advancements and market demands.

Pink-haired, 25-year-old Aitana was described as a fitness enthusiast, determined, and with a ‘complex’ character. According to Cruz, she is the most enthusiastic woman in Barcelona, ​​Spain’s second-largest city after the capital Madrid. Cruz said she earns 1000 euros per advertisement, i.e. about Rs 91,000. Aitana earns up to 10,000 euros every month, i.e. approximately Rs 9.1 lakh. However, the monthly average is 3000 Euros (Rs 2.73 lakh).

However, the project has been criticized for ‘highly sexualized’ images of the models. In response, The Clueless says it’s ‘simply following the aesthetics already created by real influencers and brands.’According to the Mirror’s report, this pink-haired beauty with flawless skin, a charming smile, and an athletic body often shares pictures of events happening in the world and Advertises many brands.

Aitana Lopez’s Instagram bio states that the 25-year-old Spanish model is ‘powered by AI’. That means it has been created using artificial intelligence. An entire team works to run Aitana. This team decides what it will do in a week. Which places will she go? And what photos will be uploaded to her Instagram page? Experts generate Aitana’s images using Photoshop by superimposing the model at different locations and combining other AI images.

Spanish fashion agency “The Clueless” and Diana Nunez, co-founder of the company, said that initially, people raised questions about its authenticity. But now we are getting a lot of praise for it. Invitation letters have also been received from many people who want to meet him. The company has presented her as the most enthusiastic woman in Barcelona. So From now before falling in love with anyone make sure its real not AI

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