Luxurious MPV Experience With Lexus Lm 350h MPV

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Luxurious MPV Experience With Lexus Lm 350h MPV Japanese automaker Lexus has unveiled its latest luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), the LM, in the Indian automotive market. The company has incorporated a host of premium features into this MPV. Additionally, details regarding its anticipated launch date have been provided.

The ultra-luxury MPV from Lexus is equipped with groundbreaking features that set new benchmarks in the industry. These include a revolutionary 48-inch wide display, rear-targeted AC with adjustable functionality, power long slide rail, multi-position tip-up seats, and frequency-sensitive piston valve technology. Additionally, advanced amenities such as Door Easy Closer, Removable Rear Multi Operational Panel, and Vehicle Braking Poster Control enhance the vehicle’s convenience and safety features. Furthermore, Lexus offers customization options for seating arrangements, accommodating both four and seven-seat configurations.

Currently, the company has not disclosed detailed specifications regarding the engine of the MPV. However, reports suggest that it may be powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Dual VVT-i engine, potentially integrated with hybrid technology. Additionally, the vehicle is expected to feature a battery system providing 134 kilowatts of power and 270 Newton meters of torque.

The company has not provided any official details regarding the launch of the vehicle. However, bookings for the MPV have commenced. Industry analysts anticipate that the launch may coincide with the festive season. Upon release, the expected price range is estimated to be between Rs 1 to 1.50 crore.

The front fascia of the vehicle boasts a prominent spindle grille, complemented by sleek LED headlamps and vertically oriented fog lamp housings. Its side profile showcases a spacious glasshouse with a subtle indentation on the B-pillar and rear sliding doors. Notably, the rear end is distinguished by a full-width LED tail-light configuration, featuring the brand name “Lexus” in place of a traditional emblem. The LM measures 5,130 mm in length, 1,890 mm in width, and 1,945 mm in height. This engine configuration is anticipated to deliver 142 kW of power and 242 Newton meters of torque.

Engine and Power Of Lexus 350h MPV

The Lexus LM features a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder self-charging hybrid engine, delivering a combined power output of 250 horsepower and 239 Newton-meters of torque, paired with an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (CVT). This hybrid powertrain collaborates with a nickel metal hydride battery, enhancing both power delivery and fuel efficiency according to the manufacturer’s claims. Additionally, the MPV is equipped with Lexus’ e-four all-wheel drive system.

Interior Features Of  Lexus Lm 350h MPV

The 4-seat configuration of the Lexus LM includes distinct front and rear passenger compartments. It incorporates a dimmable glass panel that can be adjusted up or down. Its premium amenities comprise airline-style reclining seats, a 48-inch television, a 23-speaker surround-sound audio system, pillow-style headrests, and independent audio outputs for both front and rear occupants.

Additional Features Of Lexus Lm 350h MPV

In addition to these amenities, the MPV also boasts a fold-out table, heated armrest, and ottoman, along with multiple USB ports, a wireless phone charger, a reading light, and a vanity mirror. It is equipped with a fridge, rear glovebox, and an umbrella holder for added convenience. Advanced features include low-noise wheels and tires, active noise control, and a digital rear-view mirror. Safety is prioritized in the MPV with the inclusion of the Lexus Safety System +, featuring three suites of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology, including Vehicle Detection.

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