This car is giving tough competition to Elon Musk’s Tesla

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This car is giving tough competition to Elon Musk’s Tesla After much anticipation, Mercedes has introduced the electric variant of its iconic G-Class, unveiling the new electric SUV at Auto China in Beijing. Marketed as the Mercedes-Benz G 580, this electric vehicle incorporates EQ technology. Expectations are high for its potential launch in India later this year. Despite its electric incarnation, Mercedes-Benz emphasizes that the G-Class Electric maintains its off-road capabilities, ensuring an authentic off-road driving experience. This integration of EQ technology signifies a promising direction for Mercedes’ electric vehicle lineup.

Design Of Mercedes G 580

The design of the Mercedes G 580 electric car bears a resemblance to the recently refreshed G 450d model. Featuring four electric motors, each boasting 147 horsepower, the G 580 achieves a combined maximum output of 587 horsepower and generates an impressive torque of 1,165 Nm. Mercedes has engineered these motors specifically for the G 580, equipping each with a two-speed gearbox for optimal performance.

Engine And Power Of Mercedes G 580

The Mercedes G 580 Electric accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in a swift 5 seconds, boasting a top speed of 180 km per hour. Despite its electric nature, it promises an off-road experience on par with or exceeding that of its petrol counterpart. Enhancing the driving experience is the G-Roar function, designed to provide an immersive sound experience within the cabin, ensuring an enjoyable journey for occupants.

The Mercedes G 580 Electric SUV features a 116 kWh battery pack, akin to the EQS model, enabling rapid charging capabilities of up to 200 kW. With a full charge, the G 580 EV is estimated to cover a distance of around 470 km, although the exact range remains undisclosed by the company. Notably, Mercedes has implemented a specialized underride guard to safeguard the battery pack, ensuring enhanced protection during operation.

Other Safety Features of Mercedes G 580

The car features Active Brake Assist which can help avoid rear collisions and accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists. Thermotronic automatic environment controller and seat heating facility have been provided for the driver and front passenger. An excellent finish has been given to the interior. The air vents have angular surrounds and a grab handle for the front passenger is provided on the dashboard.

The premium segment SUV G-Class (Mercedes Benz SUV G-Class) will definitely impress offroading enthusiasts. It comes with a spare wheel holder on the tailgate. Mercedes-Benz claims that it also has the amazing ability to climb up to 100 percent on suitable ground. At the same time, if necessary, this luxury SUV G Class can easily descend steep slopes of up to 45 degrees.

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