You will grab the chair after seeing the features of Maruti Jimny.

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You will grab the chair after seeing the features of Maruti Jimny. The highly anticipated entry of the Maruti Jimny into the Indian market is finally imminent, after a prolonged period of speculation regarding its arrival. Representing the fourth generation of this esteemed off-roader, the Jimny serves as the successor to the venerable Gypsy model. While the Jimny has enjoyed substantial global success, concerns arose regarding the suitability of its 3-door configuration for the Indian market. Consequently, Maruti undertook the strategic decision to delay its release and develop a 5-door variant tailored specifically for the Indian consumer base. With its official release slated for June 6th, potential buyers may find themselves deliberating over whether to invest in this offering.

Amidst extensive discourse surrounding the new Jimny and its aesthetic appeal, our assessment underscores its compelling allure as an off-road vehicle imbued with a compact SUV form factor. Noteworthy elements include the distinctively round headlamps and grille, as well as the evocative clamshell bonnet, all of which pay homage to the model’s iconic design lineage, eliciting admiration from our perspective. Despite its compact dimensions, measuring 3985 mm in length, the vehicle commands a formidable presence on the road. Enhanced by 15-inch wheels, a robust profile, and a rear-mounted spare wheel, the Jimny exudes a quintessential off-road persona. Further contributing to its appeal is a commendable build quality and captivating paint finish, instilling an impression of resilience and sophistication. Internally, the vehicle boasts slender pillars and a commanding SUV-esque driving stance, fostering a sense of spaciousness and elevated visibility that is sure to be appreciated upon firsthand experience.

While soft-touch materials are notably absent, the cabin of the Jimny impresses with its thoughtful design and a comprehensive array of features. Among its notable offerings are a 9-inch touchscreen equipped with wireless smartphone connectivity and rear camera display functionality, as well as an Arcamis audio system, climate control, and additional amenities. However, it is important to note that the Jimny lacks some of the advanced features found in models such as the Brezza.

The Jimny offers generous space, affording ample headroom and legroom for occupants, particularly in the front seats. Rear seat accommodations are satisfactory as well, although the vehicle is officially classified as a four-seater, with optimal legroom provided for two passengers. While suitable for shorter journeys, taller individuals and occupants accustomed to larger SUVs may find extended travel less accommodating. Cargo capacity is respectable at 208 liters, expandable to 332 liters by folding down the rear seats, making it well-suited for shorter excursions and urban utility.

The 1.5-liter K-series engine of the Jimny delivers a refined driving experience, characterized by its subdued operation. Maneuvering the vehicle within urban settings is effortless, thanks to its commendable visibility and ease of operation. The engine’s smooth performance, coupled with the 4-speed automatic transmission, ensures comfortable city driving on a daily basis. Notably, the vehicle’s adept handling of city potholes underscores its exceptional ride quality, contributing to a hassle-free urban commute. However, prospective buyers should exercise caution when opting for the 4-speed automatic transmission, as it may exhibit sluggishness under heavier throttle inputs. In such scenarios, employing lighter throttle inputs is advisable. While the manual variant offers superior power delivery, the automatic iteration boasts additional features, necessitating a careful consideration of one’s priorities before making a selection.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the Jimny does not achieve double-digit mileage figures typical of conventional Maruti vehicles. Under normal city driving conditions, its fuel economy averages around 10 kilometers per liter.

While practical considerations may lead some to overlook the Jimny, it undeniably shines in its own right, particularly due to its formidable off-road capabilities. Our rigorous testing revealed the prowess of this SUV, constructed upon a compact ladder frame chassis. Equipped with three driving modes, a robust 4×4 system, and heavy-duty suspension, the Jimny effortlessly tackles challenging terrain with unwavering stability. Its impressive ground clearance of 210 mm proves instrumental in navigating rough terrain, facilitating seamless traversal over steep slopes, rocky terrain, and even through deep water crossings. In the realm of off-roading, the Jimny outpaces many pricier SUV counterparts, establishing itself as a standout performer in this specialized domain.

Our assessment of the Jimny reveals several commendable attributes, including its striking aesthetics, build quality, off-road prowess, and the added practicality of its 5-door configuration within a compact footprint. However, our evaluation also highlights areas for improvement, notably the perceived sluggishness of the 4-speed automatic transmission and the desire for enhanced luggage space.

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