Most Awaited Rare Honda Monkey Gold Edition Review

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Most Awaited Rare Honda Monkey Gold Edition Review Honda stands as a prominent figure in the global landscape of two-wheeler manufacturers, renowned for its extensive array of motorcycles and scooters. Demonstrating versatility across various segments, Honda has established itself as a leading player even in the realm of small-displacement bikes. Its offerings encompass a wide range of small scooters and motorcycles, catering to both domestic and international markets, including Japan. Notably, the company recently unveiled the latest addition to its lineup: the Honda Monkey 125cc presented as the Lightning Edition. Positioned as a premium offering, this new iteration of the Honda Monkey commands attention with its introductory price point starting around Rs 2.6 lakh.

The Lightning Edition of the Honda Monkey distinguishes itself through its exceptional features, with one notable highlight being its striking yellow color scheme, accentuated by a glossy finish. This vibrant hue lends the bike a truly spectacular appearance, underscoring the meticulous attention to detail in its design. The unique aesthetic of the Honda Monkey, enhanced by the incorporation of this distinctive shade, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional styling and aesthetic appeal in its products.

The Monkey Lightning Edition features a vibrant yellow color scheme applied to various components, including the USD forks, fuel tank, side panels, swingarm, and twin rear shock absorbers. Additionally, chrome accents adorn both the front and rear fenders, headlamps, instrument console, brake and clutch levers, turn indicators, and rear tail lamp, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. The seat is adorned with a checkered pattern, enhancing visual appeal and comfort. Furthermore, stickers are strategically placed on the fuel tank and side panels, further accentuating the unique aesthetic of the motorcycle.

Honda’s latest bike debuts with a robust 125cc engine, offering enhanced performance and efficiency. Equipped with a 5-speed transmission system, riders have greater control over the bike compared to its predecessor, which featured only 4 gears. Reports suggest that the new model boasts an impressive mileage of 70.5 km, ensuring economical and sustainable usage.

Safety features include disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, with ABS support specifically implemented on the front brake system for optimized braking performance. The motorcycle boasts a fuel tank capacity of 5.6 liters, providing ample range for extended rides while minimizing refueling stops.

For your information, the Honda Monkey Lightning Edition has recently been introduced in Thailand, priced at 108,900 TBH, equivalent to approximately Rs 2.59 lakh. Comparatively, the base variant of the Honda Monkey is priced around Rs 2.38 lakh. As of now, there is no clarity regarding the availability of the Honda Monkey in the Indian market, and it appears unlikely to be launched in India.

The new iteration of the Honda Monkey will feature the inclusion of ABS (Anti-Locking Braking System) for enhanced safety and control during braking maneuvers. Noteworthy digital enhancements will be integrated into the bike’s design, including LED lights and a round instrument console, underscoring Honda’s commitment to modern technology and visual aesthetics. The bike will be available globally in three distinct color options. According to Honda’s specifications, the new Honda Monkey is projected to achieve a mileage of 67.1 kilometers per liter, emphasizing its efficiency and fuel economy.

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