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Apple AI Plans For iPad Pro After conducting thorough research and making significant investments, Apple is poised to incorporate AI features into its product lineup. The forthcoming iPad Pro is anticipated to signify the company’s pivot towards AI hardware. Apple is expediting the development of its computer processor upgrades, aiming to unveil the M4 chip later this year. This chip, boasting a novel neural engine, is slated to enable cutting-edge AI functionalities.

The integration of the chip is not confined to the iPad Pro; it will also be incorporated into other Apple products. However, the iPad Pro will be the inaugural Apple device to adopt such technology, signaling a significant surge in the AI sector of the tech industry. Apple is poised to launch the iPad Pro ahead of the highly anticipated Worldwide Developer Conference scheduled for June. Moreover, Apple is expected to base the A18 chip in its iPhone 16 lineup on AI principles. In addition to AI advancements, Apple’s forthcoming iPad Pro will feature an OLED display, delivering enhanced visual clarity and extended battery life. Furthermore, Apple is reportedly developing a table-top iPad linked to a robotic arm, as well as a home robot.

Apple has been perceived as trailing behind competitors such as Google and Samsung in the AI race, as these rivals have already integrated AI capabilities into their devices. Consequently, Apple’s strategic move to incorporate AI into its products will enable the company to regain momentum and assert superiority in the technology industry. Analysts, including Gurman, anticipate that Apple will extensively promote the iPad Pro (M4) as a frontrunner in the AI domain, potentially setting a precedent for a similar strategy with the forthcoming iPhone 16, rumored to boast the A18 chip with a strong emphasis on AI functionality.
Apple appears to be implementing notable changes to its iPad Air lineup alongside the enhancements to the iPad Pro. A significant update includes the introduction of a larger 12.9-inch model alongside the existing 10.9-inch size. If these reports materialize, it will mark the first instance of the iPad Air offering two screen sizes, thereby expanding consumer options. The larger model is anticipated to feature a mini-LED screen akin to the previous iPad Pro, resulting in improved brightness and contrast. Additionally, there are indications that the Apple Pencil could undergo an upgrade with haptic feedback, promising a more intuitive drawing and note-taking experience for users.
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