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Claude 3 The New AI Tool, The new member in the Claude family is setting people’s expectations high, they launched three models Claude 3 Haiku, Claude 3 Sonnet, and Claude 3 Opusall in all three Opus is the most capable model rest vary in capabilities and efficiency, It is designed by prioritizing safety, honesty and goodwill. Officials claim that this new chatbot will surely surpass both most most famous and efficient chatbot OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini 1.0 Ultra models. The chatbot is capable of handling text, voice messages, and documents.

This upgraded version of Claude is going to assist users in various ways including analysis and forecasting, nuanced content creation, code generation, and conversing in non-English languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French. It is the known multimodal model that is creating a strong rivalry between Gemini and Chat GPT 4.

Among all three Claude 3 models, Haiku is the smallest AI model which can also produce the fastest responses. Sonnet falls in the middle and can offer more intelligent responses than Haiku at still comparatively lower costs. Opus is the most intelligent model. All three have advanced features of human-like understanding.

Some of the top features of  Claude-3

Value Learning

Cooperative scheduling utilizes techniques for strengthening collaboration to understand cloud human-centric priorities. It allows customization of the cloud to align with individual users’ values while mitigating potential risks of arbitrary objectives.


The cloud is designed to be honest about what it knows and what it doesn’t know, to prevent deceiving users, the system won’t falsely display expertise beyond its capabilities. It doesn’t fake its capabilities like other chatbots it shows the accuracy it will provide to the users.


The cloud’s reasoning processes are designed to be inspectable and explainable. Enhanced transparency builds user trust and enables the identification of potential errors. The goal of these constitutional AI foundations is to integrate the cloud with human-centric priorities and prevent uncontrolled alignment. Next, we’ll explore how the cloud implements security techniques at the forefront of its principles.

Up To Date Data Training

Claude’s data is up to date which assists the user in obtaining current information, It has been continually updated to improve its capabilities, and Claude AI receives very frequent updates to continuously expand its capabilities and improve user experience. Claud 3 incorporates daily updates, weekly feature updates, and quarterly milestone updates. This rapid update allows Claude to provide users with the most cutting-edge AI assistant experience.

This version of Claude can summarise the links dropped in the chat although it will always have a potential risk for inaccurate summarization. Claude is still working on this feature to make it completely accurate, still, it can somehow assist users in making their tasks easy

Limitation Of Claude 3

Although it is the best multi-modal that can extract text from images, this model might face a struggle with complex reasoning and mathematics problems, it might also struggle while giving unbiased responses like other AI Models. This model comes with complications like historical inaccuracies and racial biases, this model might be costlier than other AI models available in the market Well behind all these limitations and drawbacks the best thing about Claude 3 is it refuses to generate harmful or illegal content.

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