Easy Cooking With Chefling

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Easy Cooking With Chefling Today in this generation we have to live away from our families for numerous reasons the most major thing that we miss is the food from +++our mom’s hand, those healthy and delicious foods served with complete love and care, and the second difficulty begins When you think about cooking the primary thing that ceases our hand is the mess that would be created while cooking and consequently we order some unhealthy food online which will exploit our health, Now no more health exploitation bring the new dining kit “Chefling” today and enjoy cooking healthy and hygienic foods at the comfort of your home.

Easy Cooking With Chefling

Today, we’re talking about a person who started his own business after his father’s business closed down and turned ₹50,000 into ₹2.5 crore. This is the third season of Shark Tank India. We’re talking about Ronit Gambhir today. Ronit Gambhir, aged 28, appeared on Shark Tank. In 2020, he started a startup called Shefling, which offers ready-to-cook kits for people. Inspired by the concept of DIY meal kits and recognizing their potential in the Indian market, Rounit founded CHEFLING in 2020.  Essentially, these kits provide delicious meals that you would typically order in a restaurant, but you can now enjoy them at home.

Ronit’s idea is to bring the restaurant experience to people’s homes. If you want to enjoy restaurant-quality food at home, you won’t have to go out anymore, and that was the whole plan behind Ronit’s startup. For this entire operation, Ronit has outsourced his team. His team consists of two packers and one accountant. Before this, Ronit worked for some time in a textile company, but then his father’s company closed down overnight. After that, Ronit started his business with ₹50,000 from his mother, and today, he has built a business worth around ₹2.5 crore.

For your information, Shefling’s products are ready-to-cook. They offer a “Do It Yourself” option where you get global dish ingredients along with instructions on how to cook them, allowing you to prepare restaurant-quality food at home.

Chefling’s products are ready-to-cook meal kits, which you can also call DIY kits. The USP of these dishes is that the ingredients of global dishes are provided to you and the method of making them is also explained. This kit contains all kinds of other things except vegetables and meat. There is no such item in this kit that gets spoiled quickly.

How Chefling Works?

It incorporates DIY culinary kits which contain all the ingredients that will be required to prepare a dish. One can prepare a variety of international cuisines, including Japanese (Sushi and Mochi), Mexican (Chalada and Taco), and Italian (Lasagna). It is inclusive of certain QR codes that direct users to a video tutorial, making the cooking process straightforward and enjoyable.
These kits are available in different sizes which assist the user in making food in the appropriate quantity either for individuals, couples, or groups, and are priced competitively.

Overall this Chefling is worth of money and it going to assist many people lives who are willing to have a healthy and hassle-free life.

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