Zomato launches New Green fleet for Pure Vegetarian

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Zomato Launches New Green Fleet for Pure Vegetarian Deepinder Goyal, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Zomato, an online platform specializing in food delivery, has revealed the introduction of a food delivery service catering exclusively to vegetarian preferences. This initiative stems from the company’s recognition of the growing demand among customers who adhere to a strict vegetarian diet.

Goyal emphasized that the decision to launch this service was influenced by the feedback and preferences expressed by vegetarian patrons. Additionally, Zomato announced the rollout of a ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ dedicated to serving customers adhering to a 100 percent vegetarian diet across India.

Goyal took to the social networking platform ‘X’ to highlight India’s status as home to the largest vegetarian population globally. He underscored the significance of customer feedback in shaping Zomato’s new service offerings, emphasizing the vegetarian demographic’s discerning approach to food preparation and delivery.

Goyal stated, “India boasts the highest proportion of vegetarians worldwide, and one of the key insights we’ve garnered is their meticulous attention to how their food is prepared and delivered.” He further elaborated, “In response to their dietary preferences, we are proud to announce the launch of the ‘Pure Vegetarian Medium’ alongside the introduction of the ‘Pure Vegetarian Fleet’ on Zomato, specifically tailored to cater to customers who adhere to a 100 percent vegetarian diet.”

How It Is Different From The Non-Veg Ones?

“Zomato’s all-vegan fleet will be distinguishable by green boxes, departing from our traditional red packaging,” clarified Goyal. He emphasized that these food suppliers will exclusively handle orders from pure vegetarian restaurants and refrain from transporting any non-vegetarian items. Additionally, they will avoid entering non-vegetarian establishments while carrying the green-colored boxes. Goyal emphasized that the ‘pure vegetarian medium’ will only encompass restaurants offering strictly vegetarian fare. He clarified that this initiative is not driven by religious or political motives, but rather by a commitment to meeting the dietary preferences of vegetarian customers.

Zomato’s Pure Veg Fleet will exclusively partner with pure vegetarian restaurants. Goyal, the founder and CEO, specified that green delivery boxes will replace the traditional red ones for this fleet. Furthermore, only orders from vegetarian restaurants will be processed and delivered through the Pure Veg Fleet, as stated in Goyal’s post.

Finally, someone took care of the vegetarians and now they can finally eat without any hesitation regarding the purity of the foods. This Initiative would provide relief to many people in India as India has more numbers of vegetarians as compared to the rest of the world.

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