The Tech Giant Google Collaborating With Election Commission Of India

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The Tech Giant Google Collaborating With Election Commission Of India, Recently Google has announced a major collaboration with the Election Commission of India to disperse every kind of information related to voting and elections that are going to place in the coming months, it will help people be more fraternized with voting and elections, This major tech collaboration will provide general information to the public through sites like youtube and google search.

The prime and major intention of this collaboration is to make all the information related to the election whether it is related to  voter registration or the voting process every kind of information would be easily provided to the general public in both English and Hindi

Both of them are moxie regarding three major things which include disseminating information, tackling misinformation, and navigating AI-generated content. To make all these possible Google is enhancing its Search and YouTube features to connect with the voters better to provide them with essential election-related information, and prevent them from misinformation as YouTube will highlight authoritative news sources and offer context on topics prone to misinformation, aiming to foster a well-informed electorate.

Google is exacerbating its  safety and privacy policy to whack away all fraud by mitigating and identifying privacy violations with the help of advanced AI models it is aimed at conducting a completely transparent election process  along with secure and transparent election advertisement

Google also mentions that it is putting a lot of effort into helping people distinguish original and AI-generated content as now more people are completely dependent on AI for creating content, Google also ensures that they are strictly prohibiting the use of manipulative media which can mislead people in taking their decision, Because of this protuberant collaboration Google has announced that it will implement strict policies and restrictions around who can run election-related advertising on their platform.

All those who wish to run election ads will need to undergo an identity verification process and provide a pre-certificate issued by the ECI or anyone authorized by the ECI for each election ad along with financier disclosures.

Accompanying Google had initiated the Google News Initiative Training Network and fact check explorer to enable all journalists and newsrooms to deliver authentic and reliable information and facts updates quashing all the misinformation, Google is making sure there should be no adulteration in any kind of information. Google is assuring that this election will be done with 100% accuracy without any contamination.

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