Glacier Will Use AI For Recycling Waste

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Glacier Will Use AI For Recycling Waste, As expected with ensuing technology finally AI is getting a foot in the Recycling sector, Artificial intelligence and Robotics company Glacier based in San Francisco has produced an industry-leading recycling robot–a combination of cutting-edge AI and robotics–that sorts over 30 different item types. Glacier’s ultimate vision is to drive a circular economy – worth 10 billion tons in global greenhouse gas reductions.

This innovation has received huge funding from all around the globe as this initiative comes with the sole objective of ending waste around the globe. Many companies like Menlo Park, California, and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, with additional participation by AlleyCorp, Overture Climate VC, and VSC Ventures.
The co-founders of emerging sortation robotics supplier Glacier say their robots provide an immediate quality benefit with a small footprint.

Rebecca Hu the co-founder of  Galcier assures that these robots are accommodated with AI cameras which assist the robots in better identification of recyclable materials she mentioned that these robots are non-amateur and well trained “If you give them  100, 1,000, a million examples of aluminum cans, they get pretty good at pattern matching, these robots even know to distinguish well between pickable and non-pickable items.

Glacier’s robots perform an average of 45 picks per minute, a metric the company calculates from units installed inside MRFs. But the co-founder mentions that this metric and calculation could be more complicated and different than it sounds  Sometimes it is reported as hypothetical picks per minute in a lab, sometimes it refers to how many times a robotic arm attempts to grab a piece of material off the belt. She said that this efficiency and calculation would be measured accurately only if it counts the physical number of items the robot correctly puts in its proper location.

Glacier’s robotic solution represents the company’s inaugural step towards realizing its mission of eliminating waste. In addition to robotics, the company is harnessing its cutting-edge computer vision technology to deliver real-time waste analytics. This enables facilities and municipalities to gain comprehensive insights into their waste composition, facilitating enhanced staffing and technological advancements throughout the industry.

All the investors are so pragmatic and positive toward this innovation one of the prominent investors “Phoebe Wang, an investment partner at Amazon Climate Pledge Fun states that “The diversity within Glacier’s team represents an invaluable asset as they tackle a challenge as intricate as the climate crisis. We eagerly anticipate aiding more companies like them throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors”

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