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Smart Water Bottle
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Smart Water Bottle: Whether there is wantoned heat in summer or pelting Rainfall in Monsoons, Water is the footing need of every human being. In this chaotic lifestyle, people are often being incautious about their health which leads to many hazardous diseases. Correspondingly, they initiate their fitness journey by buying health-related gear such as fitness trackers, smart brushes, and smartwatches to better take care of themselves.

This refinement in technologies led to a new concept of Smart Water Bottle which will aid people in maintaining their health, still, there might be a question rambling inside your mind, is it worthwhile to buy this new innovation?

How Do Smart Water Bottle Works?

Smart Water Bottle works by connecting with one’s mobile phone. It is accommodated with software that allows your bottle to connect to your phone app. Built-in temperature sensor, switch sensor, and other sensors, and its built-in chip, cooperate with the mobile phone app through Bluetooth communication to realize smart functions such as reminding to drink water, displaying temperature, and detecting water quality.

It clenches you accountable and keeps you on track with your hydration goals. Although there are already many smart apps for trailing your daily hydration goals this provides a more accurate picture of your daily water intake.

How Smart Water Bottles Notify You to Drink?

The most frequent ways are notifying you through lights, sounds, and/or vibrations. Your bottle will apprise you to drink water through signals, the lid, and the body of the bottle may light up slightly to remind you to drink your water.

It may also notify you through slight vibration to remind you. It also works by correlating with your daily activities If your activity level is higher for the day you will need to drink more water. In the summer months when the weather is hot and humid, you must also up your water intake to stay properly hydrated.

What are the Consequences of using Smart Water bottles?

Every product has two aspects, which include the benefits and the other is the pitfalls of the products. The prime drawbacks of smart water bottle is the charging issues. So you will always need your charging device along with you to make sure your water bottles work properly.

Another issue you might face while using smart water bottle is you need to be pretty cautious while handling the bottles as a slight crack on the bottle may break circuits inside of the bottle very easily.

You have to buy this bottle of premium quality only, for any negligible bottle you may find your bottle fails to be connected to your phone, or your phone can not control the bottle after a period of use. You have to spend a good amount of money on purchasing a good quality bottle.

Five Best Companies Producing Smart Water Bottles

Life fuels Smart Water Bottle

  1. You can find this product easily on

2. Rebo Smart Water Bottle

Rebo has it’s brand official website where you can buy this product

3. H2OPal Smart Bottle Hydration Tracker

4. Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

5. Noerden LIZ Smart Water Bottle

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