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Best Free AI Tool Which Will Give You Premium Features, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has spurred transformative shifts across numerous industries, fueling a rapid expansion of its applications. Concurrently, AI has facilitated accessible avenues for individuals to augment their earnings. Whether one is a business professional, freelancer, or recent graduate, incorporating AI capabilities can confer a competitive advantage and amplify earning prospects. With the help of AI tools, you can work on graphics, video editing, and copywriting. With its help, you can achieve maximum productivity in less time. Here is a list of a few AI Tools that can make your life easy 

Chat GPT

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence tool. Its full form is a generative Pre-trained Transformer. At the same time, through this the user i.e. you can get the answer to any question. For this, users will have to go to the official website of Chat GPT GPT is trained on a large volume of text, including books, articles, and web pages.

Bard LaMDa

Google’s latest introduction to the realm of technology is gaining significant traction, particularly with the emergence of Google AI Bard. This chatbot, rooted in Google’s Dialog application, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Its primary objective is to furnish users with responses to inquiries while they are online.


Otter represents a cutting-edge AI solution designed to transcribe audio in real time, leveraging advanced speech recognition technology. It serves as a valuable resource for various sectors, including education, where students can utilize it to create text-based notes during lectures or study sessions. In the corporate realm, businesses can harness their capabilities to streamline meetings, ensuring accurate and accessible documentation of discussions and decisions. 

Krisp is an artificial intelligence tool that offers noise cancellation. That is, when you call someone or record audio with the help of this tool, there will be no background noise at all. This tool is especially great for the corporate world where clear communication is required. This tool is free. You can use it with any application like Google Meet, Zoom, etc.


These days people use YouTube a lot. People are also earning a good amount of money from this platform. You must have seen on YouTube that when a video plays, background music comes behind it. If you copy someone’s music, copyright claims start coming on it. To avoid copyright claims, you can use the Beatoven tool. This is a popular AI tool that generates royalty-free music for different projects.

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