Crashed Titan, Apple’s Dream Car Project

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Crashed Titan, Apple’s Dream Car Project, It was allegedly said that Apple is poised to introduce an electric automobile without reliance on traditional fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. Moreover, this groundbreaking vehicle will feature autonomous driving capabilities, negating the necessity for constant manual control of the steering mechanism.

After creating a stir with the iPhone, the world’s leading tech company It was expected that Apple would now enter the electric vehicle segment. It was believed that Apple was preparing to compete with Elon Musk’s superfast car, Tesla, through this electric car. But this long-awaited project most commonly known as “Project Titan” is now being shuttered down as per the reveals

After nearly a decade of concerted effort, Apple has officially initiated its ambitious Apple Car endeavor. As per a Bloomberg report, the tech behemoth has shuttered its Titan project, which purportedly aimed to develop an electric vehicle over the past decade. What precipitated the postponement of one of Steve Jobs’ seminal vision projects? Let’s look out what can be the most probable reasons.

The prime reason for being devoid of such an effortful and most awaited project might be the massive expenditure and declining sales in the electric market. It is also rumored that Presently, there’s a significant surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements within the technology realm. Major players like Google and Microsoft are doubling down on AI, fortifying their positions in the field. In this landscape, Samsung is pushing boundaries by integrating AI features into its flagship smartphone, the S24 Ultra, aiming to elevate the smartphone experience. Media reports suggest that Apple, in response, may intensify its focus on AI, particularly Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Consequently, numerous employees from the electric car project are rumored to be reassigned to Apple’s AI division.

Despite all this, we can’t ignore the fact that the journey of Apple’s Titan project was never easy. In 2008 the company executives initiated the concept of self-driving cars which eventually pondered each and everyone’s mind although that was just a theoretical  concept at that time

Again in 2014, the project got hyped and Apple officially launched its secret project “Titan”, reports claim that Apple hired several employees to work on their dream electric car project. They were so sure about the project that they assured that even if the project failed they would be able to take out many advanced technologies extracted from the electric car.

In the annals of 2016, Apple’s grand scheme encountered its inaugural setback, as the company opted to bifurcate its vision into two distinct divisions. One faction was tasked with the singular pursuit of crafting electric self-driving car software, whilst the other was mandated with the ambitious endeavor of automotive manufacturing. Per a Bloomberg exposé, Apple purportedly delegated the software development mantle to none other than Dan Dodge, luminary founder of QNX and preeminent authority in vehicular software engineering, whose eminent expertise was duly enlisted.

For the first time, a timeline was revealed regarding the launch of Apple’s electric car in the year 2020. However, no information was still shared by the company. However, some media reports claim that Apple Car can be launched by the year 2024. It was also said that the company will use its batteries in this car and it will be a long-range electric car. There were also reports that Apple may join hands with companies like Kia and Hyundai for its car project, which will help in the manufacturing of this car.

But in 2022 Apple was hitted by another dropping setback when Apple postponed the launch of its car to 2026 Reports reveal that Apple was willing to develop a fully autonomous vehicle, without a steering wheel or pedals, which was not feasible with the technology of the time.

In 2024 it was finally announced that Apple finally decided to shut down the making of cars, apple has faced many challenges and complicities they tried their best to tackle all these challenges but consequently it has been decided that the project will begin winding down and the team would be shifted to the artificial intelligence division spearheaded by executive John Giannandrea.

All those employees who indulged in making this imaginary supercar will most likely shift their focus to advancing generative artificial intelligence instead. Although this is shocking news for all awaiting and curious audiences and investors.

Now We can wait for the upcoming best potential product of Apple.

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