Create ads in a jiffy with the help of this AI tool

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Create ads in a jiffy with the help of this AI tool Meta is set to unveil tools designed to assist advertisers, offering comprehensive image and text generation capabilities tailored specifically to support businesses in their expansion endeavors. Meta asserts that the primary goal of these tools is to facilitate advertisers throughout the advertising lifecycle, encompassing enhancements in ad performance through the facilitation of creative variation development and automation of certain facets of the ad creation process.

With the assistance of these tools, businesses can now generate comprehensive image variations inspired by the original ad creative, incorporating text overlay functionalities. Advertisers have the capability to produce new backgrounds surrounding product images and fine-tune images to better fit diverse surfaces. Furthermore, businesses have the flexibility to apply text overlays to images, selecting from a range of popular font typefaces. This enables the creation of ads tailored to various social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, adhering to specific aspect ratios and incorporating text overlays seamlessly onto ads.

The text generation functionality of this tool empowers advertisers to create diverse variations for ad headlines and primary text. Meta is currently conducting tests to evaluate the capacity of generated text to accurately reflect brands’ voice and tone while emphasizing key selling points informed by past campaigns and textual input. Meta is actively refining its tool based on extensive feedback from advertisers, with plans to integrate these enhanced features into Meta Llama 3, thereby bolstering ad performance and capabilities. Meta has announced that this tool will be globally accessible by the end of the year.

The tool will initially debut in a testing phase devoid of watermarks, which the social media company applies to all images generated by its user-facing Meta AI assistant, touted as a pivotal safety feature, as executives announced during a press conference.
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