10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps To Give You Ultimate Experience

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10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps To Give You Ultimate Experience In the era where Digital needs are one of the major needs which are now including food clothes and shelter, It’s quite necessary to know the advanced technology that could probably increase productivity, creativity, efficiency, and convenience, Today we will be exploring 20 Most treasure and helpful apps of iPhone that will probably make your life easy let’s check the App Store to tell some most amazing apps and features you might be missing out. The App Store is packed with applications it’s millions deep not every app is useful for you so here we will be distinguishing the best apps for your use.


A Messaging app for iPhone, This Messaging app is unique and different because, unlike any other messaging apps it doesn’t require Your Number to sign in, Kik Codes let you connect with your favorite people and places just by scanning your unique code one can easily get access to your chats, Kik helps you to convey yourself in a million ways from emojis to Gifs which is easy to use for every age group.


It is a new stunning productivity app for a distraction-filled world. It uses immersive technologies to transform your surroundings into heaven for focus and creativity it brings binaural 3D audio and cinematic ultra HD visuals from some of the world’s most beautiful places to your iPhone or iPad.These soundscapes include forests, waterfalls, serene lakes, beaches, forests, and more. It comes in three different modes to use each with different features the focus mode will help you concentrate on the task at hand and has the Pomodoro technique integrated into it. You can type the task you want to focus on and start the timer.

Sleep Mode is to drift off into slumberland, with a timer automatically turning off the sound and an alarm for the following day. If you’ve connected your compatible smart lights, you will be woken up by a fade-in of sounds from the portal you select, along with matching lighting.
The last mode is Escape Mode which is used when you need a break from life. It’s perfect for meditation, with a default timer of 20 minutes that can be adjusted as you like.


Peak Of View

It allows you to share or show your photos with someone without exposing your entire photo library it helps you to create a privacy guideline for your photo library one will not be able to access or even see your whole photos or videos without your permission or accessibility.


It is one of the mind training apps on the iPhone as it offers an Intelligent digital learning system it is the time to sharpen your mind with Elevate, you can set your goals and after you complete your work it graphically shows your performance in each of these categories. It is a paid app but you can use it for free for 30 days.


The new NASA app for iPhone lets you explore every augmented reality, 4K Video, and Podcasts, Designed by NASA’s Ames Research Center, this app has an almost ludicrously minimal look. This App has inbuilt software that allows you to identify stars and constellations. Space enthusiasts and curious minds will love how it packs a wealth of news stories, features, images, videos, and information about the space agency’s activities into this one mobile app.

Wolfram Alpha

It is like a Wikipedia but mostly focused on Maths and Science from basic geometry to the depth of the universe it allows you very kind of computation, it allows you to learn step-by-step solutions, Textbook to answers in a photo input, image effects transformation, and analysis and any more exploring features.


The best app for all anime lovers as it provides ad-free streaming services for you to watch over 1300 titles from past seasons to new episodes Get exclusive access to music videos and concerts performed by the hottest artists worldwide Enjoy a backstage pass to thousands of music videos, hundreds of concert exclusives, and special performances.


This is Apple’s podcast app, It comes with excellent features like smart downloading options and a great interface, it is a powerful, complete, and easy-to-use podcast player that will help you to manage and listen to podcasts the way you want.


Soundcloud on iPhone is for exploring more trending tracks, more of your favorite artists, and More of the music and audio you love. The app is beautifully simple to use. The Profile screen organizes your preferred tracks, playlists, and likes on SoundCloud.


It is one of the best apps for designers, The app offers a dedicated home for storing collections of color palettes and individual colors you want to save for reference. One of the unique features of pastels is to extract colors from photos Pastels on the iPad have a three-column layout which becomes three separate screens on the iPhone.Pastel presents a full palette of colors.

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