Why Deep Fake Generators Are A Threat To Women And Children

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Why Deep Fake Generators Are a Threat To Women And Children In the internet world, a video of actor Rashmika Mandanna is becoming increasingly viral on social media. If you have seen this video, you might have also thought that this is Rashmika Mandanna but it is not so. This is a deepfake viral video of Rashmika Mandanna, it is a fake video. This video has been prepared by editing. In the world of technology, such videos are called deepfake videos. After Rashmika Mandanna’s video went viral, now DeepFake is being discussed everywhere.

Let us tell you that the term Deepfake has been taken from Deep Learning. Deepfake technology is part of machine learning. Deep in deepfake means multiple layers. Deepfake technology is based on an artificial neural network. In this, much fake content is shown as real content. Let us tell you that the name of Deepfake first appeared in 2017.

Then a Reddit user created many deepfake videos. Let us tell you that Deefake Video is prepared with the help of two networks, one part of which is called an encoder while the other part is called a decoder. The encoder reads the original content carefully and then transfers it to the decoder network to create the fake video. After this, you get a video ready in which the face is changed but the video and photo are of someone else.

When The Deep Fakes Nude Generator Came Into  Existence

Deepfake technology was first discovered in 2017 when some porn clips were uploaded to a Reddit account named Deepfake. The faces of the real people in these clips were replaced with the faces of Hollywood actresses like Gal Gadot, Taylor Swift, and Scarlett Johansson. Although we see such videos on social media platforms which
They are created for entertainment, but it is much more than that. According to The Guardian report, AI firm DeepTrace had identified around 15,000 deepfake videos in September 2019, of which around 96% of the videos were pornographic.

How To Identify Deep Fake Videos

Although Deepfake Videos are so perfect that identifying them is very difficult, it is not impossible. To identify deepfake videos or photos, you will have to look at them very closely. You have to pay attention to the facial expression, eye shape, and body style of the person seen on the video. Usually in such videos the color of the body and face does not match so that you can identify it. Along with this, you can easily identify deepfake videos through lip-syncing.

If you are not able to recognize Deepfake Video and Photo by yourself then you can also take the help of an AI tool. There are many AI tools like AI or Not and Hive Moderation which easily catch AI-generated videos, you can also get help from them to identify them.

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