This Car Is Giving Tough Competition To Tesla’s Super Car

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This Car Is Giving Tough Competition To Tesla’s Super Car, Xiaomi Unveiled First Electric Car: China’s smartphone manufacturing giant Xiaomi has introduced its electric car in the world. The company unveiled its first electric car today on 28 December 2023. The look and design of this car looks very much like a Porsche car but the company has given top features and specifications in this car. The company has unveiled its first electric car SU7 globally. Company Chairman and CEO Lei Jun has given information about many photos and features of this car while posting on his social media platform X.It was earlier known by the codename MS11. 

This Car Is Giving Tough Competition To Tesla's Super Car

Talking about the Xiaomi SU7 sedan, its length is 4997 mm, width is 1,963 mm, height is 1455 mm and wheelbase is 3000 mm. According to the report of Car News China

Interior Of Xiaomi SU7

The Interior Of The Xiaomi SU7 is completely captivating and futuristic, its dual-tone dashboard upgrades the SU7’s entire look. It is claimed that this car is the world’s fastest EV it has a flat bottom steering wheel. It has some switches and a horizontal center touchscreen. Apart from this, a center console and infotainment system has been provided and many driver-centric features will be available in it. Along with sleek technology, physical buttons have also been used in it.

Exterior Of Xiaomi SU7

It seems that Xiaomi has errored on the safe side with the design of the sedan, the entire design of the SU7 resembles a fastback sedan. The front end is a bit awkward with a low-set nose with triangular headlamps. There is a prominent central air intake and small side vents surrounding the front-end design. The SU7 has soft lines and notable flares down the sides of the front fenders and around the rear haunches. A closer look reveals what could be a sensor module hidden in the B-pillar, which suggests that the car could come with multiple modes of locking and unlocking like facial recognition or NFC-based technology.

Power and Efficiency Of Xiaomi SU7

It is being told that the Xiaomi SU7 electric sedan will be launched in the market with different powertrain options. One variant will be provided with a rear rear-wheel drive system (RWD) with a 220 kW motor and a wheel drive system (AWD) with a 495 kW motor. The company can offer an LFP battery pack in its base variant.

Its electric motor is made by United Automotive Electronics Company Limited. The special thing about this electric car is that it will come with an ETC function, which is a very useful feature. This system will allow drivers to pay tolls automatically on toll roads without stopping the car. It is a perfect  5-seater sedan car. According to media reports, the weight of its base model is 1,980 kg. The top speed for the lower trim is 210 km/h, whereas the -9 top model weighs 2,205 kg and its top speed will be 265 km/h.

It is claimed that it has a driving range of up to 800 km on one single charge. It can give tough competition to the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan The base variants are equipped with a single electric motor producing close to 300 PS and 400 Nm and it drives the rear axle only. The zero to 100 mph acceleration time stands at 5.28 seconds. The entry-level trim is restricted to 400 V and has a claimed driving range of 668 km courtesy of a large 73.6 kWh battery pack.

Price and Colour Availability of Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7 is available in three different color variants aqua blue, mineral grey, and verdant green, the price range varies accordingly between 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan

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