This AI of India will defeat countries like America and China

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This AI of India will defeat countries like America and China Ankur Jain, co-founder of Bharat Pay, is poised to debut his inaugural AI startup venture in the healthcare sector. According to undisclosed sources, Jain will soon initiate the establishment process for his new venture, “” The startup is anticipated to publicly launch later this month. Reports indicate that the team comprises exceptional talent, including professionals and research scholars from renowned institutions such as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Yale.

Ankur Jain departed Bharat Pay last year after a three-year tenure, during which he played a pivotal role as a dependable and accountable team member. He spearheaded the product cycle and drove innovation within the organization. Additionally, it has been disclosed that will mark Jain’s second entrepreneurial endeavor, following his co-founding role in the travel tech startup, Instalocate.

One of the additional sources disclosed that is utilizing artificial intelligence, digital health technologies, large language models, machine learning, and generative AI to revolutionize primary healthcare. It’s been disclosed that the initial iteration of is expected to debut in both India and the US. Additionally, sources have stated that the company has forged partnerships with more than 100 doctors, physicians, and hospitals in India over the past three months.

Additionally, it has been disclosed that seed funding has commenced for this project, with preparations already underway for the next funding round. Sources indicate that Ankur Jain has refrained from providing further details, stating that more information will be forthcoming. He has chosen to remain silent on the matter for the time being.

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