SmartPhone Wrapped In Your Wrist

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SmartPhone Wrapped In Your Wrist+, MWC 2024: Motorola has showcased the world’s first bendable phone at the Mobile World Congress 2024 going on in Barcelona. Motorola has surprised everyone with this invention. This is a phone that not only bends but also bends. You can make it a phone as well as a watch. With upgraded technology mobile phone engineers are trying their best to develop a mobile phone with a flexible display and innovative technology.

SmartPhone Wrapped In Your Wrist

the concept is astonishing everyone but in the future, it will be quite possible for people will be able to wrap their smartphone as a wrist watch, This concept was driven by Motorola but the production of this unimaginable product is still uncertain, Motorola official claims that this device will be incorporated with many AI features assistants. Let’s see what the new concept is all about

Features Of Motorola Bendable Smart Phones:

Talking about the features, some information has come to light regarding its display. It turns out that when you hold this device upright, its display is 6.9 inches. Whereas if you fold it, its size reduces to 4.9 inches.

Talking about design, you get a cloth element on the back of the phone, which can be used easily. It is not the first time when Motorola unveiled concepts like bendable smartphones in 2016 it showcased some concepts like that in the Tech World event in 2016 and has remained relatively low-profile since then. Now in 2024, Motorola seizing the market with this innovation and concept.

This bendable smartphone will not only work and help us as smartphones but it will work as a PC as well. It has a stylish orange fabric backing, with a secure magnetic attachment mechanism designed to prevent the device from slipping off the wrist. It offers different operational modes like tent mode, and stand mode assisting one in performing different functionality  

While many features are still unknown to the audience it is claimed that when you keep the phone on a table in a stand mode with the unit’s bottom part bent, the apps displayed on the lower part will automatically shift to the upper portion of the screen. The navigational gesture options will also move up.

To date, No one can guess the price of this upcoming product Motorola has remained tight-lipped about the commercial release or price details for this revolutionary device but soon it is expected that Motorola will launch more details regarding the product
It’s still a prototype and not all prototypes progress to the production stage. Let’s wait to have the most convenient smartphones in our hands, Most probably it will be launched by 2025.

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