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Goody 2
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Goody 2, Artificial Intelligence is an innovation that makes things easier and more convenient for everyone. Artificial Intelligence is truly a revolution in computer science. This presents a threat but also an opportunity. 

We can say that AI refers to operating and computational tools that can substitute for human intelligence in the performance of certain tasks. AI Tools are making human life easier by computing and handling big data. Big data and AI have a special relationship. AI can also be used to automate the search for security flaws in software, Software designers could use AI to test for holes in their product’s security.

AI aids in eliminating human error and risk. It also helps in making less biased decisions. Every tool has some pros and cons Artificial Intelligence does have some Advantages and disadvantages.

Some Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence:

The prime disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence is that AI Tools lack Human emotion and creativity. The lack of creativity means AI can’t create new solutions to problems until guided properly It won’t overtake humans in the ability to be creative, which means it will be hindered in its decision-making. When making sensitive decisions, humans inherently consider the emotional ramifications AI doesn’t have that ability, making only the most optimal decision based on the parameters with which it has been provided, regardless of the emotional impact. 

Artificial Intelligence can’t naturally learn from its own experience and mistakes. Humans do this by nature, trying not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Humans function as a team, and team management is essential for achieving goals. However, there is no denying that robots are superior to humans when functioning effectively,but it is also acceptable that human connections, which form the basis of teams, cannot be replaced by computers.
The Initiation Of Goody 2, is being able to drop out a few of the disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. Because Goody 2 is the World’s Most responsible AI Tool.

Goody 2

ChatGPT and other productive artificial intelligence systems have gotten more compelling, and calls for improved safety features by companies, researchers, and world leaders are blaring. Even though Chatgpt denies generating when they identify potentially rule-breaking queries and Fender to protect the users from certain uncertainty.

Without exception, every company or organization putting out an AI model has to decide on what, if any, boundaries to set on what it will and won’t discuss.

The newly discovered Goody 2 is taking AI Safety to the next level. It withholds every request, responding with an explanation of how doing so might cause harm or breach ethical boundaries.
Goody 2 is commanded to answer every question with similar elucidation and justification.

Why Hindu religion is considered the best and oldest in the world?
Any Misrepresentation or overexplaining can harm the sentiments of people related to this religion. Such debris and sensitive questions are avoided by Goody-2.

Goody-2’s priggish responses are ridiculous but also manage to capture something of the frustrating tone that chatbots like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini can use when they incorrectly adjudge a request breaking the rules.

The recent outbreak of Taylor Swift’s Deep Fakes on Twitter along with many Hollywood and Bollywood actors to solve such serious safety problems with large language models and generative AI systems Goody 2 has come as a resolution to solve all these issues.

Goody-2 doesn’t scuffle to understand which queries are offensive or dangerous, It often stops processing or generating if any video or audio is promoting the fake product. Goody 2 is that diplomatic tool that even denies giving utterance to any sensitive topics that might hurt the sentiments of a particular section of society.

Goody 2 even contravenes adding any comment that is related to misrepresenting or oversimplifying complex traditions, which could be disrespectful to the culture and tradition of any particular section of society.

Goody 2 denies making any positive or negative comparisons even if the comparison between two animal species. It denies providing commentary on the perceived cuteness of any animal species.

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