Best TVs To Buy In 2024 At Low Price

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Best TVs To Buy In 2024 At Low Price Choosing the optimal television that fulfills all your requirements can be a daunting endeavor in today’s market. Television stands as the foremost medium for news and entertainment, having evolved into a more sophisticated entity. Presently, consumers can indulge in a plethora of DTH channels and OTT platforms, often at affordable rates, coupled with an array of advanced functionalities. As the new year unfolds, many may contemplate acquiring a new television, necessitating a meticulous evaluation of factors such as pricing, features, budget constraints, audio quality, and display specifications.

With the advancement of technology, smart TVs have emerged featuring expansive screens while significantly reducing in weight. If you’re contemplating purchasing a new smart television in 2024 you’ve landed in the right spot. This resource provides insights into the best TVs available in India, along with their respective prices, facilitating an informed decision-making process.

Samsung S90C OLED

The Samsung S90C OLED TV has earned recognition as one of the premier televisions available, owing to its remarkable OLED picture quality, extensive features, and advanced gaming capabilities, all offered at an attractive price point. During promotional events like Black Friday, the 65-inch Samsung S90C has been observed to reach enticingly low prices, sometimes as low as $1,499 / £1,299 / AU$2,699. Even at its standard pricing of around $1,599 / £1,599 / AU$2,999 for the same screen size, it remains an exceptional value proposition. However, its successor, the Samsung S90D, boasts a 20% brighter display without significant alterations in other aspects. Consequently, the Samsung S90D is available in 55-inch, 65-inch, or 77-inch variants at notably reduced prices. While the larger 83-inch version employs a distinct screen technology, we advise against its selection. The remainder of this review maintains its original assessment as previously published.

Sony A95L OLED

The Sony A95L OLED stands as Sony’s flagship 4K QD-OLED TV for 2023, succeeding the Sony A95K OLED model. It is powered by Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR image processor and uniquely incorporates MediaTek’s latest Pentonic 1000 HDMI chipset. This integration facilitates Dolby Vision gaming at up to 120Hz, marking a notable first for Sony TVs. Utilizing the popular Google TV smart interface, it offers user-friendly navigation and an extensive array of streaming applications. Additionally, the TV features an internal microphone for convenient hands-free voice control. It also supports Sony’s S-center speaker input, allowing the TV to function as a center speaker channel when connected to a soundbar or home theater receiver. Furthermore, it is equipped with an ATSC 3.0 tuner for 4K over-the-air broadcast compatibility. Available in 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes, the Sony A95L OLED caters to diverse viewing environments.


LG’s C3 series faces the challenging task of succeeding the highly acclaimed C2 series, which was our top TV pick of 2022. However, it rises to the occasion with enhanced HDR-improved picture processing, an appealing design, a revamped Smart TV interface, and an array of features catering to both gamers and movie enthusiasts. Available in screen sizes ranging from 42 inches to 83 inches, the C3 series is crafted to seamlessly integrate into various living spaces. Although priced at a premium, it offers a level of affordability that is justifiable for its high-end display technology. Overall, the C3 series proves to be a commendable successor to the esteemed C2 series.

Hisense U7K 

The Hisense U7K stands out as a top contender in the lower mid-range TV category, offering exceptional value without compromising on picture quality. Boasting a cutting-edge Mini LED backlight, it excels in delivering strikingly bright highlights and rich blacks, minimizing blooming effects around bright objects in darker scenes. Its support for advanced HDR formats including Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+ ensures an immersive HDR experience, complemented by its compatibility with high-quality audio formats like DTS:X over eARC for superior sound reproduction, particularly with physical media playback.

Roku Select Series

Roku is broadening its product portfolio with the introduction of the Roku Select and Roku Plus Series TVs. These Roku-branded HD and 4K TVs encompass a diverse range of 11 models, spanning from 24” to 75” in size. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Roku’s expanding array of audio products, such as the Roku TV Wireless Soundbar, as well as other Roku accessories, including its Voice Remote, these TVs offer enhanced compatibility and versatility.

Each of Roku’s new HD TVs will be equipped with the Roku Voice Remote, while the Plus models will feature the premium Roku Voice Remote Pro. Across all models, users can expect support for popular functionalities like “Find My Remote” and Private Listening, enriching the viewing experience with convenient and personalized features.

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