Want A Break From WhatsApp But Don’t Want To Delete ,Here’s How

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Want A Break From WhatsApp But Don’t Want To Delete ,Here’s How “In certain situations, you may find the need to temporarily suspend your interaction with WhatsApp, not only for messaging purposes but also to halt incoming messages entirely. However, the difficulty arises from the fact that WhatsApp does not offer a direct method to mute messages without uninstalling the application. At times, individuals may feel overwhelmed by social media platforms but are hesitant to delete or deactivate their accounts due to concerns about irreversibility. This predicament is common, but there are solutions available to address such concerns.”

To restrict background data access for the app, navigate to the app settings. Additionally, you can revoke other permissions granted to the app. WhatsApp will still function in the background without uninstallation. Opening WhatsApp ensures you receive messages promptly, eliminating the risk of missing any critical communication.

You can disable mobile data access for WhatsApp by accessing your phone’s settings. Navigate to “Apps,” select WhatsApp, and then tap “Force Stop.” Alternatively, some phones may have this option available separately.

Navigate to your phone’s settings, access the “Apps” section, and locate WhatsApp. Tap on it to access its settings. Within WhatsApp settings, you can disable all notifications, including vibration and pop-ups. By doing so, you won’t receive notifications for new messages, and messages won’t be visible until you open the app. This effectively prevents WhatsApp from causing interruptions.

If your smartphone has a notification light feature, access your device settings. Navigate to the notification settings, where you can select “None” for the notification light option specifically for WhatsApp. By doing so, you won’t receive visual alerts for WhatsApp messages, reducing the need to constantly check your phone. This enables you to take a break from WhatsApp notifications.

WhatsApp does not offer an option for a silent ringtone for notifications. To mute WhatsApp notifications, you’ll need to silence your phone. Alternatively, you can create a custom silent tone by recording two seconds of silence in a quiet environment. After saving the recording with an appropriate file name, navigate to the app settings and set it as the notification and call ringtone within WhatsApp.

To ensure that the sender does not see the double tick on WhatsApp while still allowing internet access on the device, refrain from opening WhatsApp after accessing the app and selecting ‘Force Stop’ once. By following this procedure, the application will gain internet access, and the sender’s message will be marked with double ticks without acknowledgment.

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