Turn Your Home Into Theatre With This Newly Launched TV

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Turn Your Home Into Theatre With This Newly Launched TV Sony has unveiled its latest innovation, a groundbreaking TV illuminated by thousands of mini-LEDs, delivering unparalleled brightness and cinematic quality to every corner of your home. This advanced television is complemented by the integrated Google TV operating system, offering a wide range of streaming options and organizing your favorite and frequently viewed content into a single, user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the new Sony Bravia 9 acoustic Center Sync feature seamlessly transitions the TV into a theater-like experience, providing versatile functionality for both entertainment modes.

Design Of Sony Bravia 9

The TV’s design features pointed and angular lines, giving it a commanding presence. While the chassis is relatively thick, the flat rear facilitates seamless wall mounting, and the slim bezels surrounding the screen enhance its visual appeal. The TV’s feet offer flexible positioning options, allowing for either a wide stance at the edges of the bottom edge or a more compact footprint closer to the center. Additionally, they can be reversed to create space beneath the display for accommodating a soundbar.

Features Of Sony Bravia 9

The standout and highly anticipated feature of the Sony Bravia 9 is its innovative new backlight technology. Utilizing a revolutionary driver, it offers precise control over the brightness of the Mini LEDs, surpassing the capabilities of other TVs. With an impressive array of 7680 individual LEDs, 320 LED drivers, and 1920 independent dimming zones, this technology ensures exceptional picture quality with enhanced contrast and black levels. While Sony hasn’t officially disclosed the exact number of dimming zones for the Bravia 9, these figures can be deduced based on the specifications provided. This significant increase in dimming zones corresponds with a notable boost in brightness, delivering an immersive viewing experience across all screen sizes.

Sound Of Sony Bravia 9

The Sony Bravia 9 boasts Acoustic Multi Audio+, comprising two front-facing drivers located at the bottom and dual bass drivers positioned at the rear. This setup aims to replicate the immersive sound-from-screen effect found in the company’s OLED models. With a robust power output of 70W, exceeding typical TV standards, Sony has enhanced the system to deliver a more natural and accurate sound localization, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Picture Of Sony Bravia 9

The Sony Bravia 9 boasts exceptional peak brightness, as demonstrated by its new 4000-nit mastering monitor. This display showcases a range of colored test patterns, featuring concentric rings at various labeled brightness levels, reaching up to 4000 nits. The Bravia 9 excels in reproducing every step of brightness accurately, ensuring superior visual clarity and detail. Additionally, with Prime Video Calibrated Mode, viewers can enjoy movies, shows, and live sports with precise fidelity to the filmmakers’ and broadcasters’ intentions. Furthermore, SONY PICTURES CORE Calibrated Mode, formerly known as BRAVIA CORE, delivers studio-quality picture mastering, elevating the viewing experience in your living room.


The Sony Bravia 9 represents a significant advancement in television technology, offering striking highlight details, vibrant colors, and exceptional contrast. Sony has consistently delivered high-quality products, and the Bravia 9 is no exception. With its outstanding display and impressive sound capabilities, it provides excellent value for money. Rest assured, whether it’s the display quality or the audio performance, the Sony Bravia 9 exceeds expectations and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning users.

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