Can AI Save Lives By Detecting Depression

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Can AI Save Lives By Detecting Depression Various technology companies worldwide are actively developing Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has evolved to converse with humans and exhibit human-like intelligence. AI is increasingly integrated into robots and now has the capability to discern signs of depression from human speech patterns. This technology, developed by Mashrura Tansim and Professor Eleni Stroulia, utilizes mobile apps to detect depression through natural speech data collection. The World Health Organization notes a significant global suicide rate linked to depression, highlighting the potential of AI to aid in addressing this mental health challenge.

Researchers at the University of Alberta have devised a technology to identify depression through voice analysis, offering potential support for depression management. AI-enabled treatment for depressed individuals, as proposed by doctors at AIIMS Bhopal, could enable remote care, with AIIMS embarking on pioneering research in collaboration with the National Health Mission and Harvard Medical School. Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, this initiative aims to leverage AI in revolutionizing depression treatment. Recent advancements in AI, particularly in machine learning, seek to emulate human cognition, encompassing learning, reasoning, and self-correction.

Recent studies have demonstrated promising results, indicating that AI models such as ChatGPT can provide treatment recommendations aligned with clinical guidelines. Advanced AI models, when combined with MRI or brain imaging data, achieve depression prediction accuracies exceeding 80%, with brain imaging technologies surpassing 93%. Additionally, wearable devices like smartwatches and analysis of social media language and community engagement offer avenues for depression detection, boasting success rates of up to 90%.

Today, mental health poses one of the biggest challenges in the world.With the help of such technologies it will probably help in reducing the number of suicidal cases that happens every year because of prolonged depression and anxiety also it will help you identify the reason behind prolonged depression and why people attempt suicides and what are the main causes of depression.

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