Will humans now live 100 to 130 years with help of this advice?

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Will humans now live 100 to 130 years with help of this advice? Recent research conducted by expert statisticians from Tilburg and Erasmus universities in Rotterdam suggests that the maximum lifespan for a healthy human being could reach up to 115 years for women and slightly below that, 114.8 years, for men. This astonishing finding highlights the potential for individuals to live longer, healthier lives if they adopt healthy and peaceful lifestyles.

Professor John Einmahl, one of the leading scientists behind the study, shared some insight into the findings. “On average, people live longer, but the very oldest among us have not gotten older over the last thirty years,” he remarked in a recent interview with While such expectation regarding lifespan seems unrealistic some people still deny all the odds and live their life to the fullest Jeanne Calment, the French supercentenarian, who denied all odds by living to the remarkable age of 122 years and 164 days. To date, she remains the oldest verified woman.

For living a long life it is quite essential to live a life that is totally disciplined as we know our ancestors lived for many years what can be the causes it’s simple they were living a life that was chemical and toxins, their life was quite simple and stress-free whereas nowadays people are more depressed occupied with bad habits and still hoping that some miracle will help them live for 115 and 116 years.

Many people are often confused about what is ‘Lifespan’ and ‘life expectancy” For clarity, it’s essential to differentiate between ‘lifespan’ and ‘life expectancy’. The former relates to the duration of life for an individual, while the latter represents the average expected life duration for individuals within a specific age group. Life expectancy typically serves as a metric indicating societal well-being.

If anyone wants to live their life to the fullest the first thing they need to follow is to make a list of healthy habits and follow it regularly till the time the habits become a ritual and they get addicted to these healthy habits without any pressure, practice of such healthy habit on a regular basis which consequently leads to a healthy and happy lifespan

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