This plant project will extract all the carbon from the atmosphere, know how

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This plant project will extract all the carbon from the atmosphere, know how The newly developed technology, known as “Mammoth” by Swiss company Climeworks, has commenced operations in Iceland. This innovative plant aims to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and securely store it deep underground, effectively mitigating its impact on global warming. If proven effective, this could represent a significant breakthrough in addressing the pressing climate challenges faced worldwide, as current solutions have been insufficient. The Mammoth plant stands as the world’s largest facility dedicated to removing carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

The “Mammoth” facility, the second commercial direct air capture plant established by Swiss company Climeworks in Iceland, surpasses its predecessor, Orca, by tenfold in size. Direct air capture technology involves the extraction of air to remove carbon dioxide using chemical processes. The captured carbon can then be sequestered deep underground for storage or utilized in the production of solid materials.

The carbon extracted and injected underground will undergo a natural transformation process, facilitated by Climeworks in collaboration with Icelandic company Carbfix, whereby it will gradually mineralize into stone, effectively sequestering the carbon permanently. This initiative will be sustained by Iceland’s plentiful and environmentally friendly geothermal energy resources, ensuring the entire operation operates with minimal carbon footprint.

The widespread interest in this procedure is emblematic of the global urgency surrounding the climate crisis, which both governmental bodies and private industries are grappling with as human reliance on fossil fuels persists. Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, a major contributor to global warming, peaked at a record high in 2023. Without the emergence of effective solutions such as this, the repercussions for humanity at large would be profound and far-reaching.

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