Shocking features of iOS 18 in front of which AI also fails

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Shocking features of iOS 18 in front of which AI also fails Discussing the anticipated updates, iOS 18 is poised to introduce cutting-edge AI functionalities alongside a plethora of unexpected features. These include enhanced home screen customization options, design revisions, and more. Exploring these new features, along with their utilization and benefits, offers an intriguing glimpse into Apple’s latest offerings for its audience.

Place the icon freely anywhere you want to

According to several sources, Apple is poised to introduce a groundbreaking feature allowing users to freely position app icons and widgets on their Home Screen. For the first time, iPhone users will have the flexibility to depart from the current fixed-aligned grid layout, enabling them to create spaces between widgets and app icons. This feature, previously exclusive to Android users, marks a significant advancement for iPhone users, empowering them with greater customization options for arranging app icons and widgets on their screens.

Customize your app icon

With the iOS upgrade, Apple introduces a highly anticipated feature allowing users to customize their app icons. This feature enables users to modify app icons by adjusting their color, a functionality eagerly awaited by many. While detailed instructions on how to use this feature are currently scarce, according to a Bloomberg report, users can easily change the color of desired icons. For instance, they can opt to make all social icons blue or finance-related icons green. Further information on this feature is expected to be revealed following the launch of iOS 18.

Upgraded apple maps

iPhone users will now have the capability to personalize their navigation experience by creating customized routes tailored to their planned trips. This new feature, known as custom route creation, empowers users to design routes according to their specific preferences, rather than relying solely on the predefined options offered by Apple Maps. Unlike the current functionality, which provides multiple route suggestions, iOS 18 introduces a level of control that allows users to meticulously plan the details of their journey.

Add  text effects in messages

A recent report indicated that iOS 18 will incorporate text effect capabilities into the Messages app. As reported by MacRumors, this feature will enable users to apply animations to individual words within a message.

Home screen customization

While the anticipation for the AI features in iOS 18 is palpable, many iPhone users may find themselves more intrigued by the new home screen customization options. The launch of iOS 14 in 2020, which introduced support for home screen widgets, ignited a viral trend among users seeking to personalize their home screens. It appears that iOS 18 will fulfill some of the additional customization requests that users have expressed since then.

New and updated settings app

According to reports, iOS 18 will introduce a revamped version of the Settings app for iPhone users. This updated Settings app is said to boast a redesigned interface with enhanced organization, along with an upgraded search function to facilitate easier navigation and location of specific settings.

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