Restarting your old mobile phone can do miracle to it

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Restarting your old mobile phone can do miracles to it Many of us seldom power off our phones, engrossed in constant usage. However, the National Security Agency advises weekly shutdowns as a precautionary measure. There are several compelling reasons to power off our mobile devices at least once or twice a week, with the primary concern being protection against hackers and cybercrime, which pose persistent threats to personal security.

It’s important to remember that our smartphones essentially function as mini laptops, containing vast amounts of personal data. Just as it’s recommended to avoid opening unknown links on laptops, the same caution should be exercised with mobile devices, as these links could potentially be sent by hackers.

The NSA first shared this tip in 2020, but with the escalating threat of cybercrime, they have once again circulated messages to remind people of ways to safeguard their privacy. While this process does not guarantee complete immunity from hacking, it is effective in disrupting the adversary’s progress.

Many modern cyberattacks involve exploiting multiple vulnerabilities in succession. By rebooting your device, you can reset the adversary’s progress, forcing them to start the chain of attacks anew. This method offers a level of privacy protection against cyber threats.

some of the other tips to include that will help you in protecting your privacy by turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using it, keeping your OS and applications updated, disabling location services, and using secure lock-screen passwords. The NSA also includes using trusted accessories since malcontents can use your mobile device’s charging port as a way to get into the phone and do some damage.

Incorporating these practices into your routine can enhance the security of your mobile phone and reduce the risk of hacking. Additionally, it’s essential to maintain a strict policy of never clicking on any unfamiliar links, even if they appear to come from familiar contacts.

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