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Apple Vision Pro the new innovative beast of Apple, is one of the most demandable and curiously waited-for products of 2024 as it comes with certain advancements and numerous enhancements, even though it might seem costlier for some sections of society as it is a bit costlier, In this blog we will explore the overall cost incurred while making this Vision Pro.

The average pricing of the product starts from $3499, It looks a bit costlier but the processor the design, and the functionality of Apple Vision Pro are all worth the money.

The front of the headset is made from three-dimensional formed, laminated glass that connects to a custom aluminum alloy frame. The device is embraced with two OLED Displays, an M2 Chip, 12 cameras, five sensors, six microphones, and a popular voice assistant.

The Initial cost of Apple Vision Pro is claimed to be $ 1,542 which is excluded from the cost of research and development, packaging, marketing, and Apple’s profit margin.

The costlier component of Apple Vision Pro is its Screen

It is embraced with two OLED displays it is claimed that these 1.25-inch displays with high resolution have approximately cost $228 each from Sony. Apple Spent much on the screens as it is one of the main components of Vision Pro it costs Apple around $456 per headset.

Another costlier part used in Vision Pro is the external display which costs $70 and shows about 35 percent of the total cost of the device’s materials.
The processor of Apple Vision Pro is another major impactful component on which Apple has spent lavishly, Apple’s new M2 Chip and custom R1 chip in which R1 is dedicated only to processing videos, sensors, camera, and input processing these two chips together are likely to be costing around $240  which is 15 percent of the total cost this shows apple never compromised on its functionality and it always delivered the best experience.

It seems like Apple is working on a cheap and budget-friendly Vision Pro in further future as with technological upgradation display costs are expected to decline which will consequently degrade the prices of Vision Pro.

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