Are Humans Going To Be Slave Of Artificial Intelligence

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Are Humans Going To Be Slave Of Artificial Intelligence? Slowly the world is completely moving on a track where humans are replaced with robots, and drivers are replaced with self-driving cars, No one can claim that they are not using Artificial intelligence in their life anyhow people are indulged in using such tools, From the beginning  of your day to you  unknowingly depends on AI, The question that everyone is curious to know is, will Artificial intelligence be a danger to human mankind
People are so dependent on AI that they are not ready to see or expect that this AI might create a life danger to the entire mankind.

Are Humans Going To Be Slave Of Artificial Intelligence

The Godfather Of AI “Geoffrey Hinton” warns the users of dependency on such tools as these tools might

In this blog, we will be exploring the disadvantages and outcomes that AI will probably lead to humanity and mankind as they could become more intelligent and start controlling human and their life. Geoffrey Hinton left his position at Google as he didn’t like the world moving toward AI he understood the consequences.

Privacy Violation

Artificial Intelligence collects large amounts of personal data to learn and make predictions, processing and storage of such data might make your data unsafe and easily accessible, Such Sensitive information related to names, addresses, financial information, sensitive information, and medical information could fall into the wrong hands.

Social Manipulation

AI technologies collect data related to the behavior, preferences, thoughts, and emotions of an individual which can even help one in predicting any individual. Social Sites use the same algorithm to show relatable content and manipulate the audience from that, Online media and news channels are targeting their audience by creating misinformation and propaganda.

Autonomous weapons powered by AI

As it is being considered for well-fare it is equally contributing to the development of warfare, If by any chance any major military power or country developed powerful and hazardous AI weapons just imagine the loss it will cause to the entire mankind, this development of new weapons will create competition among countries and if such Autonomous weapons fall into any wrong hands the danger to the entire mankind will even amplify.

Uncontrollable Self-aware AI

A time will probably come when AI will progress in intelligence so fast that no human will be able to control it. This would lead to the beginning of a destroyable journey of AI when it will start controlling humans and their lifestyle making humans their slaves, and can even create their kingdom excluding every human from the planet.

No Improvement

AI is a human-developed tool that can not enhance its performance and productivity, It only performs repeated tasks as it is based on pre-loaded facts and experiences, For more adjustments and improvement there will be always a need for a human, Artificial intelligence is deprived in a common sense they work as per the guidance.


The most common way through which AI is harming humans is by causing unemployment, people are getting unemployed because Robots and artificial intelligence machines are displacing occupations and creating massive unemployment although humans are using AI to make their work easy still  AI is replacing humans to increase efficiency and productivity this can consequently result in economic crisis in further future.


Before These machines start to be a nightmare for mankind it’s important to limit their usage, People should avoid being completely dependent on AI for every work, and AI and robot mechanisms should be used as complementary and side devices that can assist the users in enhancing their productivity.
We should limit the usage of AI and limit the data we are providing to them. Along with all these, the governments should create a limitation regarding the development of dangerous AI tools and AI Weapons.

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