Apple brought this big update before iOS 18, good news for Apple users.

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Apple brought this big update before iOS 18, good news for Apple users. Following the recent rollout of iOS 17, Apple has swiftly introduced iOS 17.5, the final update before the anticipated launch of iOS 18 in June. While iOS 17.5 doesn’t introduce groundbreaking features so soon after the latest release, it offers notable enhancements to the News app and enhances overall security. Additionally, users in the EU benefit from a new avenue for accessing third-party apps beyond Apple’s App Store, aligning with EU regulations. Let’s delve into the key upgrades Apple has implemented in this latest iteration.

Cross-platform tracking detection

While Apple initially introduced this feature in iOS 14, iOS 17.5 extends its functionality significantly. This feature now provides alerts when unfamiliar AirTags or devices utilizing the Find My network are detected in proximity, offering enhanced security and peace of mind. Notably, iOS 17.5 goes beyond Bluetooth tracking to include compatibility with a wider range of Bluetooth-based tracking devices. Furthermore, Apple and Google have collaborated to ensure cross-platform compatibility, marking a significant advancement in this software update.

Third-party app availability in EU countries

The latest update from Apple reintroduces the capability for users to download apps from third-party stores, a feature previously unavailable due to Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security. However, this update comes with a caveat: developers must submit a form to Apple and adhere to the company’s terms to offer apps directly to consumers. Once this process is successfully completed, Apple users can conveniently access a wider range of apps while maintaining robust security and privacy measures.

New Pride collection wallpaper

In celebration of Pride 2024, Apple introduces vibrant, symbolic colors to the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. These colors signify hope, strength, and solidarity with LGBTQ+ communities, with beams of light shining against a dark background. The stacked arrangement of colors represents the enduring influence of LGBTQ+ activism in paving the way toward greater equality for future generations. As June marks Pride month, users can explore this year’s Pride-themed wallpapers for their iPhone by navigating to the Settings app and selecting Wallpaper.

Quartiles and Scoreboards

One of the possible iOS 17.5 more popular features could be Quartiles, a new and original daily word game for Apple News+. You can see new player data for Crossword, Mini Crossword, and Quartiles with a Scoreboard, including stats and streaks.

This new feature offers a link instead of a QR code to activate an eSIM on your iPhone.

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